Seviyan Kheer (Vermicelli Pudding)

Seviyan or Indian vermicelli is thinner than Italian vermicelli and is used for making desserts and savory dishes. The hair-thin noodles are made from semolina with a machine. Our aunts and neighbors made a similar version by hand called Javey by rolling the dough between their fingers, almost as thin as the machine-made ones and drying them […]

Quick Salmon/Tuna Kababs

I always have a can of salmon or tuna in my pantry to put together a quick and easy and delicious snack. With 20-30 grams of protein per can, these Kababs make a highly nutritious meal as well. The curry powder in Salmon Kababs gives it a nice kick, eliminating extra calories from mayonnaise or other […]

Sooji Halwa (Sweet Cream of Wheat)

Sooji or Cream of Wheat Halwa is a popular dish in India. It is a comfort food and can be served for breakfast, lunch, dessert. It is also a popular ‘Prasad’ (food offered to God during pooja, or prayer session, and shared with everyone at the end). Traditionally, cream of wheat is roasted in butter […]