Paratha (Pan Fried Whole Wheat Bread)

I grew up eating Paratha almost everyday, packing them with a vegetable and mango pickle for lunch at school. My mom made them with whole wheat flour and used very little oil to cook them, unlike the Punjabi Parathas that are fried with a generous amount of oil and served with a pat of butter […]

Rabri Malai Burfi (Baked Ricotta in Cream Sauce)

Rabri Malai Burfi is a creamier, baked version of Milk Burfi and an easier version of Ras Malai. Adding half-and-half reduction sauce to the Burfi at the end makes it taste like Ras Malai without the hard work! Traditionally, Rabri is made by cooking sweetened milk and cream in an open, wok-like pot. The layer […]

Gulab Jamun

Gulab Jamun is one of the most popular Indian desserts. It is a rose flavored, reddish-brown dumpling which is fried and then dipped in syrup. Gulab means rose, which is the flavor used in making this dessert and Jamun is a purple berry that Gulab Jamuns resemble. Gulab Jamun is traditionally made with ‘khoa’ which […]