Coconut Burfi

I have always been very fond of Coconut Burfi, specially the ones made with fresh coconut; I made sure that my mom served it at my wedding buffet! Making Coconut Burfi became fun once I discovered fresh, shredded coconut in the frozen section of Indian and Chinese markets. I add just enough ricotta cheese to […]

Besan Laddu

Laddu is a very popular Indian sweet. The word literally means ‘ball’ so anything sweet and balled up is a Laddu. You can make Laddus out of almost any flour, puffed rice or other puffed grains, seeds such as sesame or any combination of nuts and coconut. The basic ingredients are the same-butter/ghee and sugar […]

Milk Burfi

Burfi gets its name from Burf which means snow.There are many kinds of Burfis and the main ingredient is Khoa or Mawa. Khoa is made by cooking milk until all the liquid has evaporated, leaving a ricotta cheese like solid. Khoa is hard to find and since making it is very time consuming, I use […]