Curry Powder

The word curry originates from the Tamil word ‘karhi’ describing a sauce. Curry Powder is a blend of several raw spices and is different from Garam Masala where the spices are individually roasted and ground. Curry Powder is added to the oil and toasted to enhance the flavor. I do not add cinnamon, clove and […]

Panch Phoran (Five Spice Mix)

Panch Phoran is a collection of five whole spices, easy to grab instead of measuring each spice individually every time. The spices compliment each other and their taste is enhanced by roasting or frying them before adding meat or vegetables. Panch Phoran is great for seasoning green beans, okra, eggplant, most daals and fish. It […]

Achaar Masala (Pickle Spice Mix)

Indian pickle or Achaar is quite different from Western pickle. Most Achaars use oil and spices for flavoring and therefore can stay on the shelf for a long time. Achaar is almost always ‘ripened’ in the sun which causes the black mustard (rye) to ferment, imparting the classic sour taste to the vegetable used. Sour […]

Garam Masala

Garam means hot and Masala means spice. The heat does not refer to the spiciness but the effect these particular spices have on the body when eaten. Most commercial Garam Masala mixes have too much pepper so you have to use a small amount, ending up with a bland dish. My recipe requires dry roasting […]