Cranberry Achaar (Pickled Cranberries)

Cranberries, also known as Mossberries have a high nutrition value and are good antioxidants to add to the meal. Their tart taste is great for making Achaar. Since fresh cranberries are only available for a short time, make an extra batch and refrigerate it for later! ingredients:12 oz. fresh cranberries, rinsed, dried and chopped or […]

Chili Paneer

Chili Paneer is a combination of fried Paneer chunks and a variety of Bell Peppers. Since green Bell Peppers are stronger in flavor than red and yellow peppers, this combination brings a complexity of flavors and makes a very colorful presentation at the table. Paneer is easily available at Indian markets or can be made […]

Baigan Sabji (Eggplant with Tomatoes)

Eggplants are quite versatile and are served many different ways in all different cuisines.┬áIn India, eggplant is served curried, chopped, stuffed, battered, mashed and deep fried as a pakora. Eggplant can soak up a lot of oil so it helps to cook it in a non-stick skillet. This recipe is quite simple and the Achaar […]

Navratan Korma (Mixed Vegetable Curry)

The word Navratan means nine jewels so the creamy, delicious Navratan Korma is made with a combination of nine different vegetables and nuts. The multicolored vegetables in a light sauce look like jewels indeed. You can use any vegetable and nuts of your choice. Instead of chopping and frying fresh onions, I sometimes use fried […]

Matar Paneer (Peas with Home Made Cheese)

Matar or green peas and Paneer, also called Farmer’s Cheese or Home Made Cheese compliment each other in this dish. Paneer always tastes better in a curried sauce since it does not have a strong flavor of its own. I do not use baby peas because I find them too sweet; I usually buy shelled […]

Whole Moong Daal

Moong beans are very popular in Indian cuisine. They are eaten as Whole Moong Daal, split Moong with or without skin and Moong flour is used in many sweet and savory dishes. Moong Daal Khichdi made with skinless daal and rice is a common dish served to babies. Whole Moong Daal is a wholesome dish […]

Baigan Bharta 1 ( Roasted Mashed Eggplants)

Baigan or eggplant is cooked in many different ways and is popular in most cuisines. In India eggplant is served curried, chopped, stuffed, battered, mashed, and deep-fried as a pakora. Eggplant can soak up a lot of oil so baking and roasting is the best way to cook it. My mother roasted the eggplants on […]

Fruit and Gelatin Salad

This salad turns out perfect every time, looks so beautiful at the table, is nutritious and delicious! Even though it is called a salad, I serve it as a dessert sometimes! I try to use the fruit in season so this recipe uses persimmons. You can use berries, pineapples, peaches or apples, using different flavors […]

Multigrain Pilaf

Most people do not eat enough whole grains these days. There is such a large variety of grains in the market now and each grain has its own dietary benefits. I lived on a farm for a few years in India and my mother created delicious meals, desserts and snacks using all the available grains. […]

Chana Daal with Squash

Chana Daal with Squash is one of my favorite Daal recipes and I make it often! You can use any one of the many squashes available but I like the taste of Bottle Gourd, also known as Opo squash or Ghiya or Lauki. Because of its mild taste, Lauki lets the Chana Daal flavor come […]