Baigan Bharta 2 (Roasted Mashed Eggplants)

I love to grow eggplant in my garden and usually plant at least two varieties – the long Japanese variety which is great for stir-frying and the round globe one which is what I use for making Bharta. Eggplant is one of the easier annual vegetables to grow and has a long growing season in […]

Baigan Bharta 1 ( Roasted Mashed Eggplants)

Baigan or eggplant is cooked in many different ways and is popular in most cuisines. In India eggplant is served curried, chopped, stuffed, battered, mashed, and deep-fried as a pakora. Eggplant can soak up a lot of oil so baking and roasting is the best way to cook it. My mother roasted the eggplants on […]