Palak Chhole (Spinach and Chickpea Curry)

Garbanzo beans or Chhole have become really popular at Indian restaurants and homes.¬†Palak Chhole is a great way to serve spinach which tastes creamy without much cream. The combination of spinach with beans, served with rice or roti, makes a wholesome meal. ingredients:¬† 1 lb. spinach, fresh or frozen 2 Tbsps. butter or oil 1 […]

Chana Daal with Squash

Chana Daal with Squash is one of my favorite Daal recipes and I make it often! You can use any one of the many squashes available but I like the taste of Bottle Gourd, also known as Opo squash or Ghiya or Lauki. Because of its mild taste, Lauki lets the Chana Daal flavor come […]